MWL Secret Book — print sponsor

Suggested Price $100.00

Minimum Price $100.00


Ebook sponsors will be publicly thanked on a “sponsors” page in the back of the print and electronic versions of a book by Michael W Lucas, currently under the code name #MWLSecretBook.

This sponsorship is a complete and unmitigated scam. You won’t know what the book is until everybody else knows. It’s a technical book, on a technical topic. Readers will learn things, and understand parts of Unix that they probably never have. It will be the shortest Mastery book ever–a palate-cleanser, if you will, before he starts on the jails books.

When you find out what it is, you will either be disappointed or say WTF.

When you see the printed book, you’ll be disappointed all over again.

It will be released before May 2018.

And you can have your name in the print and ebook version, for a paltry $100.

In gratitude, print sponsors will receive a free copy of the completed ebook in epub, mobi, and PDF, all DRM-free. Because DRM is stupid. Print sponsors should include a legitimate shipping address in their order, so I can send them a gift once the book comes out.

Sponsor names will appear as text, not links. If your name differs from that on the order, please list your desired name in the order comments. Also, please include a valid shipping address for the print version.