SSH Mastery 2nd Edition — print sponsor

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This book does not exist yet. This item is to sponsor me writing it.

Print sponsors will be publicly thanked on a “sponsors” page in the back of the print and electronic versions of SSH Mastery by Michael W Lucas. They will also receive a free copy of the completed ebook in epub, mobi, and PDF, all DRM-free. Because DRM is stupid. Print sponsors should include correct shipping information in their order, so that I can send them a gift once the book comes out.

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The first SSH Mastery is still among my best-selling books–other titles knock it out of first place from time to time, but it’s always in the top 3. As such, sponsors of the second edition can reasonably expect lots of people to see their name in this book. Thus, I’ve raised the print sponsorship price by $25.

I’ll release this book in ebook, print, and–as a wild experiment–I’m going to try a dust-jacketed hardback (gasp!)

About the book:

The secure shell, or SSH, is the most popular server administration tool in the world. The first edition of SSH Mastery, the perennial best-seller on using Secure Shell, helped tens of thousands of sysadmins understand the essentials of this vital tool.

SSH has grown and changed, though. The protocol has changed. New features demand attention. This book is still my best seller, but it needs refreshing to cover jump hosts, certificates, Android clients, new cryptographic features, coping with removed crypto features, and changes to the underlying protocol.

The new SSH Mastery continues its mission to kill all the passwords. Additionally, you’ll learn to:

• manage access to your SSH server by users, groups, addresses, and more
• securely move files around your network
• forward displays from one host to another
• forward TCP connections
• centrally manage host keys and client configurations
• secure applications run over SSH
• secure keys with a certificate authority
• connect to obsolete SSH servers

All from your Unix, Linux, Windows, or Android system!

SSH Mastery, 2nd edition, will get you ready for the 2020s. Small enough to read quickly, straightforward enough to implement tomorrow, exhaustive enough to cover everything you need and a little more. Master SSH with SSH Mastery.