Give MWL Money for No Good Reason

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If you’ve found this site, you probably realize that Tilted Windmill Press is a business front for author Michael W Lucas, aka “me.” By buying the electronic versions of my books here, your money goes directly to me (minus PayPal fees, which are in turn much less than the fees charged by ebookstores).

While I’m making a fair middle-class income, some people want to pay me extra. I choose books to write based on how cool they are and how much the world needs them.

This product lets you encourage me to write these kinds of books, rather than blatantly commercial ones.

Some people want to pay me extra. And who am I to argue with people who want to pay me more for what I already do?

You can either set your own price here, or take the defaults, or use the shopping cart to multiply the default amount. Don’t do both unless you really want to give me piles of money.

I genuinely appreciate your support. Writing books keeps me from doing dumb things like, say, taking a nap on a bed of nails. Or writing a book on systemd.