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On Book Sponsorships

Many people have offered to support my technology writing through programs such as Patreon. I appreciate every one of those offers.

Unfortunately, tech writing is not easily predictable–at least, not the way I do it. Projects that I expect to take three months sometimes finish in a month, while certain six-week projects balloon into several months. I do have a Patreon, but I’m not entirely comfortable with taking money that way.

I am comfortable with a per-book sponsorship. So that’s what I offer here. Sponsorship costs vary depending on how much I think I can squeeze out of people for a book on that topic the topic’s complexity.

Any rewards sponsors receive are gifts.

Ebook sponsors appear at the end of electronic versions of the book, as plain text. (I have been advised by folks who have done this sort of thing before that some people participate in sponsorships just to get links to dodgy sites included in reputable works, so it’s plain text only. As usual, a handful of jackasses ruin things for the rest of us.)

Print book sponsors appear at the end of electronic and paper versions of the book.