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PayPal only? Why no credit cards?

Tilted Windmill Press runs all its sales via PayPal.

I understand people’s concern with PayPal. Believe me, I fully get it. I regularly empty my PayPal account specifically because their practices don’t thrill me.

Tilted Windmill Press is a very small operation. Credit card processors, even Stripe, require that I provide a phone number where customers can call for service.

When I published my first technology book, my home phone number was public. I started getting tech support calls from random people who had bought my book.

Eventually, I had to change my phone number.

I’m not giving out my cell number. Yes, my audience is technically literate and Internet savvy, and can get my phone number from a variety of sources. But I don’t make it easy, and the overwhelming majority of you are polite enough to not abuse that information.

I could use something like Google Voice, but that adds another chunk of complexity to the business. Worse, it adds another type of interruption to my day.

I sell ebooks directly because it takes very little of my time or attention.

As things stand right now, the time and attention overhead of credit card sales would seriously cut my writing time. Until this changes, I’ll have to use PayPal.