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This book does not exist yet. This item is to sponsor me writing it. This is the first fiction sponsorship I’ve done.

Ebook sponsors will be publicly thanked on a “Sponsors” section in the back of the electronic versions of git sync murder by Michael Warren Lucas. They will receive a free copy of the completed ebook in epub, mobi, and PDF, all DRM-free. Because DRM is stupid.

February, March, and much of April 2020 is a loss for writing serious technology books, because I’m traveling all over the blasted world those months. Writing and releasing fiction should be doable, though.

I’m writing a sequel to $ git commit murder right now. It’s set at a fictional, wholly fabricated technology/SF conference in Detroit.

My goal is to release it in time for Penguicon, though that might be a little aggressive.

Murder on the Sysadmin Express

After accidentally solving two murders through luck rather than skill, Dale Whitehead hungers to stay in his apartment, hack virtual memory code, and forget the whole thing. Instead, work drags him to a technology/SF convention in Detroit. He’s going to work his shift at the vendor table, give his presentation, and escape anonymously.

Instead, he gets asked to deal with a body.

“Wait to see if it happens again”

Great for troubleshooting IPv6 multicast over wireless. Not so much for murder.

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