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This book does not exist yet. This item is to sponsor me writing it. Ebook sponsors get their names in the ebook versions of the book. They will receive a free copy of the completed ebook in epub, mobi, and PDF, all DRM-free.

“In the beginning, UC Berkeley released Unix. This made a lot of vendors very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”

Filesystem management is the core of systems administration. OpenBSD is legendary for bleeding-edge security, but its filesystem, less so. The Unix File System might not have the flash and glitz of ZFS or BTRFS, but it’s decidedly battle-hardened and polished. It works.

This book will take you through:

  • Device nodes
  • MBR and GPT partitioning
  • UFS
  • Filesystem repair
  • softraid
  • encrypted disks
  • adding storage
  • stackable mounts
  • installation planning
  • /altroot
  • MFS
  • NFS

    “Many people believe that their advanced filesystem is better than UFS because they have so many features–snapshots, checksums, compression, and so on–while all UFS has ever done is muck about putting data on disk. But, conversely, UFS users believe their filesystem is better for exactly the same reasons.”

    This will be a larger Mastery book–so large that I don’t expect it to be available in Amazon’s Kindle store. Kindle versions will be available from other retailers, just not Amazon. In the (horrific) event that I must split the book into two volumes, you’ll get credit in both.

    You should know I’m pondering running a Kickstarter for this book. The people who back Kickstarters want a thing to exist before they’ll back it. Sponsors are the generous ones, supporting me as I write and test the actual manuscript. (Also, the print sponsorship will be the only way to pay me to mail you a personalized signed book.)

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