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Run Your Own Mail Server will start to escape about August, barring debacle. For a short time, you can preorder print/ebook bundles directly from me. I will order your print books at the same time I order sponsor gifts and Kickstarter rewards. I will sign everything in my usual illegible scrawl, with the standard one-bit authenticity checksum.

This is not the cheapest way to get the print book. The cheapest way is to wait for the Bezosbeast to stock it and get free shipping. I’m charging $15 for handling and signing because handling these orders takes a couple days. (The price you pay is the same as on the recent Kickstarter.)

You pay shipping. Shipping gets expensive outside the US, e.g., $30 to Europe and $40 to Australia. (Yes, I rounded shipping up to the nearest $5.) Books are shipped to you via some trackable method.

Your ordering options are simple. Paperback. Hardcover. Don’t ask if I can throw in a copy of some other title; I did that last time, and the results were most kindly described as a “well-intentioned debacle.” I am easily confused.

I will deliver the ebook to the email address on your Tilted Windmill Press account, via BookFunnel. BookFunnel can also help you get the books on your device, which I absolutely cannot do.

What’s the book about? I’m glad you asked.

You Against the Email Empire

Message services appear and disappear, but email remains. One of the Internet’s oldest and most open protocols, email reaches everywhere. Dominated by a handful of carriers, yet still manageable by the rest of us. If you do it right.

Setting up the email server, with Postfix and Dovecot and rspamd, is the easy part.

The protocols that support email? Those are hard. SPF. DKIM. DMARC. BIMI and MTA-TLS and TLS-RPT. DNS standards that apply to nothing else on the modern Internet. Block lists. Graylisting.  Email is a protocol unlike any other, yet among our most essential.

Never surrender the protocols.

Reclaim your connections.

Run your own mail server.


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