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I’m pondering Gustave Caillebotte’s Paris Street; Rainy Day for the cover, featuring Beastie and Tux.

The Simple Network Management Protocol, or SNMP, seemed like a great idea at the time. Computer vendors needed a straightforward protocol that allowed devices to communicate management information to one another. Such a protocol should be both straightforward and highly structured. Everyone got together and agreed on the requirements and how systems should work.

Then the real world got involved. Thirty-odd years later, SNMP’s simplicity has suffered indignities best not discussed in polite company.

Except we live with it, so we best talk about it.

A knowledgeable sysadmin can transform SNMP from a problem to an ally. It’s the most efficient way to extract information from hosts and network equipment. You can use SNMP to securely issue commands, explore a network, or send complicated information from one host to another.

SNMP Mastery will help you explore this little-understood management protocol, using the net-snmp toolkit.

Walk the walk! Talk the talk! Scrute the inscrutable! SNMPv3! Traps! Custom MIBs!

Possibly written with a HP Lovecraft theme. Because SNMP.