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My goal is for this to be a shorter book, like DNSSEC Mastery, Tarsnap Mastery, or the first Sudo Mastery. I don’t want to write another doorstop like the Networknomicon or FreeBSD Mastery: Jails for a while.

Transport Layer Security, or TLS, is a vital component of the Internet. TLS protects user data as in crosses the network, making ecommerce and online banking possible. It offers end-to-end connection privacy. Let’s Encrypt transformed TLS from an expensive tool to a free one. Most sysadmins have very little reason to avoid TLS today, except for a lack of understanding.
TLS Mastery takes you through:

• How TLS works
• What TLS provides, and what it doesn’t
• Wrapping unencrypted connections inside TLS
• Assessing TLS configurations
• The Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol
• Using Let’s Encrypt to automatically maintain TLS certificates
• Online Certificate Status Protocol
• Certificate Revocation
• and more!

Stop wandering blindly around TLS. Master the protocol with TLS Mastery!