Privacy Policy

Tilted Windmill Press is a private label press for certain works by me (Michael W Lucas, etc). My family are the sole owners of Tilted Windmill Press, which means I can and do treat your data as I would hope mine would be treated.

Personal information (name, addresses, etc) is used only to deliver service.

Any mailing list subscription offers default to opt-out.

I can access select personal information via Paypal and Stripe, same as any other online vendor. I only use this information to take your payment and resolve issues. I do not retain any financial data. The only financial data I want from my payment processors is “they paid you, hand over the goods.”

Given a choice between “abuse personal information for a nickel” and “write more and better books to persuade you to willingly hand over your cash,” I vastly prefer the latter. This is a guiding principle of all my business decisions.

I cannot validate physical addresses. My readers are among the most likely to have network connections that conceal physical addresses. (This is part of why I don’t handle EU VAT.) If your physical address in your account is bogus, watch me not care. If you buy something that includes physical gifts, such as Patronage or a sponsorship, I will ship it to the mailing address in your account.

Thank you for your support.