When you buy an ebook from me, you’ll receive two emails. The first, your receipt, is from this site. The second is from BookFunnel, my ebook CDN. The BookFunnel mail contains links for you to download your book.

A CDN? Why not use file downloads from this site? First, BookFunnel will help customers sideload their books. I can’t do that.

BookFunnel has an actual support department. More than once, a customer has been unable to download a book because their telco’s proxy server has some interesting settings. Providers are willing to whitelist BookFunnel. Yes, I know, telcos should not perform such filtering. But they do, and I can’t fix it. Outsourcing troubleshooting to a third party who routinely handles these problems will save both you and I time and effort.

They also manage downloads better than I can.

BookFunnel collects only your email address, and that only so it can provide a repository of everything you’ve bought, in any format.