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I was four years old when I discovered that stories weren’t handed down from On High, but created by human beings. Once I found out that you could grow up to be a writer, that’s all I wanted.

Well, a writer or an astronaut. If NASA calls, I’m open to negotiations.

I’ve spent the decades since then working on my writing. I published role-playing games in the early 1990s, veered into technology books in the 2000s, and added science fiction and thrillers in the 2010s. In 2014, I leaped head-first from a cozy career in the technology industry into writing for a living.

Thanks to my fans, I’m doing pretty decent. Life as a writer is wonderful. I set my own hours. I have no meetings, no conference calls. My co-workers have four feet.

Income as a writer? Not so much. Compared to most writers I’m doing great, but compared to my days as a systems administrator or network engineer it’s mediocre. The good news is, my expenses have plunged. When you work at home, nobody cares if all your shirts come from conference swag bags. Plus, I’ve always understood that socks are a tool of the oppressor.

I knew what I was signing up for when I changed careers, and have no complaints. I’m amazed every day that I have enough fans and readers to pay the mortgage.

Still, a little financial stability would be nice. That’s where my amazing patrons come in. You reassure me that no matter what happens with royalty checks and sales channels, my light bill gets paid. Which is a wonderful certainty to have.

Thanks for reading this far.

[Note on shipping rewards: depending on book release schedules, I reserve the right to delay books a couple weeks so that I can send multiple books in one mailing. I’ll also bundle my occasional print short stories into other shipments, so I don’t go broke.]

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