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You like me! You really like me!

For $5 a month, you’ll get a link to download a digital copy of most new titles I publish. You’ll get tech books in the IT Mastery series, novels, and stories. The link stays good for one month, so grab it quick.

I can only offer what I have the digital rights to. I don’t “write books;” I “create and license intellectual property,” and must abide by the terms I negotiated. I can’t send out ebooks published via No Starch Press, because I don’t have those rights–as in, you won’t get Absolute OpenBSD 3/e. Stories that I sell to anthologies, ditto. But you’ll get a copy of everything that comes from Tilted Windmill Press.

(Note the “new title” in the description. I’m planning some bundles in 2021, such as a SSH/Sudo collection that will be available everywhere but Amazon, as well as a Montague Portal omnibus. I can’t afford to give away previously published titles, sorry.)

Plus, of course, you receive the gratitude, updates, fortune file, and story that the one-dollar supporters get.

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