Apocalypse Moi (collection)

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These twelve tales from critically-acclaimed author Michael Warren Lucas remind us that doom is always personal. Genes gone wild, or not wild enough. Cosmic heroes demanding you show them to a bank robbery or else. Learning after a lifetime that your love is named chocolate, and chasing it no matter the cost. Discovering that your cozy desk job might get you killed, that one of your coworkers is a murderer, or the Faerie Queen wants your pelt. Apocalypse is loathed liberation, shredded innocence, or blowing up your own life to clasp a gaunt hope of love.

Twelve different dooms await you.

Some of them are delicious.

(Contains Drums with Delusions of Godhood, Waking Up Yesterday, Forced to Talk, Like, With Your Mouth, Moonlight’s Apples, Easing Final Fears, Wifi and Romex, Shoot Through the Heart, Calling Control, Easy, Step-by-Step Preparation, Yesterday’s Girl, and Forbidden Taste.)


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