No More Lonesome Blue Rings: a Montague Portal story

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Honesty compels me to say, you can get this story for free by signing up for my fiction mailing list. It’s also included in Aidan Redding Against the Universes. Buying it here is literally the most expensive way for you to get this story. But if you put money in my hand, I will take it and say “thank you.”

You will get the story in DRM-free epub and mobi.

Incurable prion disease eating your nervous system?

Abandon everyone you love. Go to a clinic in a universe where prions can’t replicate. Sherry Rogers fills her days as best she can with her rattletrap nervous system. When aliens attack the clinic, however, she finds herself behind enemy lines. Nobody can save Sherry. Except herself. And nobody at all can keep the aliens from massacring everyone… except – maybe – Sherry.


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