Treat The Rats!

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Anyone who follows me on social media knows I have pet rats. Many of you buy my books only so I can take care of the squeaky little buggers. Note the top-quality accommodations.

Beemster, Cremet, and Ambert in a Faygo Rock & Rye box.

You can now drop any pretense of supporting my work and instead, support the rats directly. Monies dropped here will be dedicated to rat treats, rat toys, rat care, and general rattiness.

I’m not saying that my horde has expectations. Or that they watch me carefully to make sure I uphold our arrangement. I have no need to say that. I believe the picture speaks for itself.

You can either set your own price here, or take the defaults, or use the shopping cart to multiply the default amount. Don’t do both unless you really want to give these adorable vermin piles of money.

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Can of Toddler Puffs, Apples, Shrimp Tails, 60L bag of CareFresh, New Hammocks, 20lb of Oxbow Essentials All Natural Adult Rat Food


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