Savaged by Systemd (Audiobook)

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The classic work of Linux satirical erotica, complete and unabridged, now a Tilted Windmill Press exclusive! (Because Audible are jerks.)

Not your normal Friday night in the computer room.

Not a normal night anywhere.

Terry is the archetypal old-school Unix admin, nurturing servers with care and precision while avoiding the latest trendy garbage. KDE and Gnome on a server? Nope, if you need a GUI use FVWM.

The latest trend Terry refuses? One adopted almost everywhere? Systemd, the replacement init.

So Systemd comes for Terry.

Wearing skin-tight leather pants.

No, not a normal night in the computer room at all…

Produced and narrated by actual narrator J Daniel Sawyer. Who also attempted to make an audiobook of SSH Mastery, but wisely threw his hands up before his brain exploded. Probably best. The fact that this audiobook exists is sufficient proof that the universe hates us all.