Bundle: Novels and Collections, 2023 September

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Contains ebooks of all fifteen novels and collections I’ve released as of 2022 September, plus the orcish cookbook not available anywhere else. Discounted–it’s like getting four books free!

  • $ git commit murder
  • $ git sync murder
  • Immortal Clay
  • Kipuka Blues
  • Vicious Redemption
  • Aidan Redding Against the Universe (contains all Montague Portal materials yet published: the novels Forever Falls, Hydrogen Sleets, and Drinking Heavy Water, plus the short stories No More Lonesome Blue Rings and Sticky Supersaturation)
  • Butterfly Stomp Waltz
  • Earthquake Kitten Kiss
  • Terrapin Sky Tango
  • Prohibition Orcs
  • Frozen Talons
  • To Serve Orc: Enduring Recipes from the Old Country, Watered Down for America (exclusive Orcish cookbook)
  • Devotion and Corrosion
  • Apocalypse Moi


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