Letters to ed(1): The FreeBSD Journal Letters column, years 1-3

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You asked.
He didn’t answer.

The We Get Letters column of the FreeBSD Journal has been called “a tsunami of bile disguised as experience and erudition,” “a torment to the eye and a stain upon the soul,” and “the corroded battleship anchor that will drag an otherwise illustrious Journal to an ignominious demise.” If you ask people who aren’t the columnist, you’ll get a less luminous view. Perhaps even negative.

We sincerely apologize.

This collection of the first three years illustrates how rapidly Lucas abandoned any pretense of answering questions usefully—or, indeed, paying any attention whatsoever to his correspondents. It is unacceptable. What the editors conceived of as an innocent letters column quickly transcended bitterness to become elevated, even elegant enmity. Against everyone.

Apologies are insufficient.

In an attempt to keep these columns from teaching other articles bad habits, we have confined them in their own private volume. The publisher expects it to be presented as evidence at his inevitable competency hearings, as well as most of the civil suits. Next week’s suits, at least.

“While we appreciate Mr Lucas’ unique contributions to the Journal, we do feel his specific talents are not being fully utilized. Please buy his books, his hours, autographed photos, whatever so that he is otherwise engaged.” – John Baldwin, FreeBSD Journal Editorial Board Chair


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