Monthly Video Chat

Suggested Price $10.00

Minimum Price $10.00 every month



You’ll get all of the benefits of See the Sausage Being Made and Digital Reader, plus a pass to a monthly Patronizer-only live AMA/live reading session with yours truly. If only a couple folks show, I’ll hang around for not less than half an hour. I’ll go an hour if we get more people.

Meets will be scheduled in advance, at different times of the week and different times of day, so Patronizers will get a share of time slots no matter where they live or their work hours.

While this is an “ask me anything” sort of thing, I do retain the right to not answer questions that are a) too personal, or b) would spoil the surprise.

I have no idea what will happen with the video chat, but I’ll commit to working through any issues for twelve meetings, barring personal debacle or US civil war or such. Even if the remaining half of my thyroid implodes, I should be able to sit on video chat.

I’ll be experimenting with a few different technologies for video chat: Zoom, Jitsi, Discord, whatever other diabolical incantations seem to work. While I’m biased towards open source, I’m more heavily biased to “what causes me the least pain.”

The technology might be changed. If it’s wildly successful, I might need to add a moderator. If nobody shows up, or it turns into a time sink that interferes with my writing, I’ll stop it.